The Young Goddess

The Young Goddess offers empowering workshops for all generations of women. It is for those on the spiritual path as it aims to manifest the goddess potential in all females. You will learn the story behind various goddesses in order to draw inspiration and guidance from them. Additionally, the workshops teach you how to connect and work with goddess energy for every face of your life. Through appreciation of the goddess, women will build their intuition, understand and embrace their creative power, as well as practice a life of gratitude.

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we are blessed to be alive during this time with great leaders helping our mother earth. If you dont know of the thirteen indigenous grandmothers, click on the link…

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Hello My name is Gina Boltz, director of Native Village Publications Thanks for including our Iroquois Thanksgiving Address on your page. All Native Village work is free to use, but might I ask you to link back to it on our website? I hope to be applying for non-profit status soon, and proving our outreach is an important factor. If you'd like the direct link, please email me. My email address is on the NV website. I'm blocked from posting it here. Thank you. Love your page!
theyounggoddess theyounggoddess Said:

Hi Gina, I am happy to include your link and to help spread your message…i will also post your link on The Young Goddess fb page. We are grateful for women like you who strive to keep traditions alive…keep it up!

two ingredients 1. a woman 2. confidence, simple yet magnetic


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just amazing..mother earth at her finest

John and Tina Reid

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i love this… love the romantic look with the combat boots.

Shot by Emman Montalvan

this just is the tenderness, softness, of being totally feminine…just sweet, makes me smile.

beautiful photo

taken by SOTA photography

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Such a powerful photo.

love this picture

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